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Bellinger Insurance Associates is an agency that specializes in protecting your dreams, making sure that your family will receive the full benefits of your lifetime of labor.

How are they going to pay mortgage, the car payment, the living expenses, and so on? Like some families they are going to lose everything- their homes, cars, life savings, investments, other valuable assets, as well as their dignity.

To help protect yourself and your family’s dreams and future against premature death,disability,unexpected serious accidents or illness, call for an appointment, or email your question to see if you and members of your family qualify for coverage that will protect your dreams!

Hello, my name is Larry J. Bellinger, and I’m an Insurance Broker. I thank you for your interest in our services. I have been providing Life and Health Insurance coverage for my clients since the early 1990’s, and It would be a pleasure to assist you and your family for your insurance needs.

You may contact me by telephone at (214) 500- 5133, or send an email request to larry.bellinger@yahoo.com, or larry@biahealthlifeinsurance.com.

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