Health Insurance

Health Insurance

inner-pageWith Bellinger Insurance & Associates’s health coverage, you and your family have every reason to feel on top of the world – even when you’re visiting your doctor!

Health insurance plans offered

  • The Affordable Care Act
  • Individual and family health insurance
  • Group health insurance
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)plans
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans
  • Point of Service (POS) plans
  • Indemnity health insurance plans
  • Short-term health insurance plans
  • Dental health insurance plans

Short Term Medical Plans:  Medical plans written for three months at a time. These plans are for people who are between jobs or did not take advantage of the Affordable Care Act during open enrollment and does not qualify for a Special Election Period (SEP), and in most cases will not cover pre-existing conditions.

Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements: If you are turning 65 or been on disability for two years and you are enrolled into Medicare (You have both Part A for Hospital Stays, and Part B that covers doctors and outpatient visits), you are eligible for a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medicare Supplement Plan. You can also enroll into a Medicare Dual plan if you have Medicare and Medicaid the year round.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plans: Hospital indemnity insurance is a type of plan that pays a set amount – per day, per week, per month, or per visit – if you’re confined in a hospital. The Hospital Cash Plan is a hospital indemnity insurance plan.

The answer for at least a bit of looming medical expenses can be hospital indemnity insurance. Either way, it provides a cash benefit paid directly to you, and can be used to help pay for out-of-pocket expenses health insurance doesn’t cover. A hospital insurance plan can cover certain medical expenses.

Although medical treatment is available without health insurance, it doesn’t make sense to pay the hefty out-of-pocket expenses. A major accident or illness, without health insurance, can bankrupt the average family. Buying Health Insurance for yourself and your family is probably the single best step you can take to ensure the personal and financial well being of your family.


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